Response to Governor Mills’ Announcement on LD 1758 – the Nursing Home bill

Senate Republican Leader Dana Dow: “Despite the six month long delay, we are very glad to hear that Governor Mills has agreed to allow the bill that adds needed funding to nursing homes to become law. The bill, passed unanimously by both houses of the legislature last June, only allocates $500,000 per year to this critical funding need. However, DHHS Commissioner Lambrew has identified the total need at $7 million per year which would be matched by federal funds. The commissioner has made it clear that there is enough funding available in unspent Medicaid dollars to cover this cost and stabilize the state’s nursing facilities, thus preventing further closings. We hope that Governor Mills will immediately direct Commissioner Lambrew to use these unspent resources for this purpose and protect the system care for Maine’s elderly.”

Assistant Senate Republican Leader Jeff Timberlake: “Serving on the Long-Term Care Workforce Commission for the State of Maine has made me more aware than ever of the need to properly fund both nursing homes and our home health care system which are greatly underfunded and struggling to find staff. Going forward, I will continue to push to prioritize these two critical functions of state government.”

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