Radio Address – 8/28/20

Senator Brad Farrin Discusses Changes in Voting for November 2020 Like everything else in our lives, it seems, the COVID-19 pandemic will change the way we participate in elections this year.Hello, I am Senator Brad Farrin of Norridgewock.With all of the safety guidelines and restrictions in place to protect people from the virus, standing … Continue reading Radio Address – 8/28/20

Tax Cuts Have Been a Boon for Mainers, Especially Women Sen. Stacey Guerin – Radio Address – 8/15/2020 Senator Guerin was supporting her fellow tourism business colleagues this week by vacationing with her husband on the breezy coast of Maine. With Maine’s economy in dire straits it is disappointing, though not surprising, to see and hear Democrats once again taking aim at the lower … Continue reading Tax Cuts Have Been a Boon for Mainers, Especially Women

Maine Must Reimburse Our Small Hospitals

Senate Republican Weekly Radio Address by Sen. Kimberley Rosen Like many other hospitals, these facilities have suffered steep revenue shortfalls because the state and federal governments prohibited them from performing elective medical services during the pandemic or the public refrained from these. These services are a large part of any hospital’s revenue stream. When … Continue reading Maine Must Reimburse Our Small Hospitals

Republicans Want A Special Session Senator Dana Dow I am Senator Dana Dow of Waldoboro, Republican Leader in the Maine State Senate One of the most important principles of a democratic government is that it must follow the same rules it requires its citizens to follow. “Do as I say and not as I do” is not a good … Continue reading Republicans Want A Special Session

Joint Press Release from Senate & House Republicans

Legislative Republicans do not support an open-ended session that fails to focus on amending the Governor’s emergency powers and addressing coronavirus related legislation STATEHOUSE/REMOTELY – Closely following the provisions in Maine’s Constitution, Legislative Republicans conducted a poll of their membership in response to calls from the Presiding Officers to reconvene a special session of the … Continue reading Joint Press Release from Senate & House Republicans

Independence Day – Downeast

Sen. Marianne Moore delivers this week's Senate Republican radio address. Hello, I am State Senator Marianne Moore. On this, the 200th “Fourth of July” that Mainers have celebrated since the official start of statehood, I see no harm in taking a few moments to brag about the special place that my beloved Downeast Maine … Continue reading Independence Day – Downeast

Maine’s Tourism Industry Hangs in the Balance

Radio Address – 6/19/20 Hello, I am Assistant Senate Republican Leader Jeff Timberlake. Saturday marks the first official day of summer here in Maine. Normally, this would be a time of great excitement and enthusiasm for small businesses across the state as it means the school year is ending and millions of Americans are … Continue reading Maine’s Tourism Industry Hangs in the Balance