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You can watch live video of Senate sessions, committee public hearings and meetings. You can also sign up to testify and access our archives.

Track bills by Legislative Document (LD) number, sponsor, subject, title or text. You can also access bills from previous Legislatures as well.

Links and agency resources from Official State of Maine Government websites including the Maine Judicial System and Governor’s Office.

Welcome to the Senate Republican website for the 131st Legislature! We are committed to keeping the people of Maine informed of our activities in the State Senate as we fight for commonsense solutions for Maine’s future. Our senators come from the ranks of business, education, forestry, law enforcement and other fields; but they share a common goal in serving the people of Maine.

Senate Republicans have made a commitment to stand for the values of Maine’s people. From integrity, liberty, justice and respect to the accountability a government must have to its people, we’re committed to empower the people to build a better future.

Our priorities for the 131st Legislature are no different from the issues facing Maine’s people. From workforce development and its related issues of education, vocational training, housing and child care to the mental health and energy challenges facing our state, our Senators will strive to strengthen our communities and make Maine a more affordable place to live and work.

We are also committed to providing you with up-to-date news and information that relates to the Senate Republican Caucus, the Maine Senate and the citizens of our great State. We look forward to working for the changes you deserve.

If you would like to connect with your Senator, please visit the Your Senators tab on the top menu or access the Legislature’s website through the Your State Legislature link above.

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