Maine Senate Republican Radio Address, 9/27/19

On Tuesday, September 17, a new legislative Blue Ribbon Commission met for the first time to discuss how Maine pays for its transportation infrastructure. Immediately before this initial meeting, key members of the commission spoke at a press conference about their work, saying they had no pre-conceived notions of what kinds of funding solutions they … Continue reading Maine Senate Republican Radio Address, 9/27/19

Republican Senate Radio Address, 8/30/19

Governor Mills, Bonds, and Nursing Homes Last Monday, the Legislature held its one-day Special Session to consider four bond packages totaling $163 million. This new borrowing would add to the state’s current debt of $7.7 billion. Rather than engage in negotiations with Republican leaders in the Legislature on bond funding, the strategy of the Governor … Continue reading Republican Senate Radio Address, 8/30/19

Maine Senate Republican Radio Address, 8/16/19

Getting Our Arms Around Mental Health Care Even though the legislature is not in session during this time of year, senators and representatives keep busy doing the work we were elected to do. For some of us, that means attending conferences that help us to develop new ideas and better serve the people in our … Continue reading Maine Senate Republican Radio Address, 8/16/19

July 19, 2019 Radio Address

Senate Republican Radio Address – 7-19-19 Through irresponsible spending, legislative sleight of hand, and an unchecked ability to pass whatever laws they choose, Democrats are using their new majority in state government to make Maine a place few of us will recognize. Hello, this is Assistant Senate Republican Leader Jeff Timberlake of Androscoggin County. Over … Continue reading July 19, 2019 Radio Address