Transportation Committee to Hold Public Hearing on REAL I.D.

Krysta West
Communications Director
Senate Republican Office
(207) 287-1505


Transportation Committee to Hold Public Hearing on REAL I.D.

Who: Transportation Committee

What: Public hearing on L.D. 306, “An Act To Require State Compliance with Federal REAL ID Guidelines”
Where: State House, Room 126
When: 2:00 PM, Tuesday, March 7

“Unless immediate action is taken, Maine’s failure to comply with the federal REAL I.D. law will have serious consequences for Mainers, which is why I’ve signed on as a co-sponsor to this important bill” said Sen. Ron Collins, (R-York) chair of the Transportation Committee. “As of today, our failure to comply already prohibits anyone from using a Maine drivers’ license from entering federal instillations, including military bases. This means that Maine veterans can no longer access clinics on the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and are being denied the care they are owed.

“Continued failure to comply will prohibit Mainers from using their license to board commercial airplanes, starting on January 22 of next year. It’s important that we act this session to bring Maine into compliance.”


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