Maine Senate President Announces Opiate Task Force Appointees

Jim Cyr
Communications Director
Office of the Maine Senate President


AUGUSTA – Maine Senate President Michael Thibodeau (R-Waldo) has announced his appointments to the Maine Legislature’s “Task Force to Address the Opioid Crisis in the State.”

The Maine Legislature established the committee following a record amount of opiate overdoses in Maine last year. On average, more than one person a day died from a fatal overdose in 2016.

The task force will examine current state laws regarding law enforcement, prevention, treatment and recovery. It will also review the report and recommendations of the Maine Opiate Collaborative issued on May 6, 2016 as well as initiatives that have been successfully undertaken in other states.

An initial report to the Legislature from the task force is due on April 30, 2017, and a final report will be issued by December 6, 2017. Lawmakers will use the recommendations to submit legislation during both sessions of the 128th Legislature.

Members of the committee will include lawmakers, members of law enforcement, the medical community, and drug treatment specialists.

Senate President Thibodeau’s appointees are:

Maine Senate:
Senator Andre Cushing (R-Penobscot), Chair
Senator Scott Cyrway (R-Kennebec)
Senator James Dill (D-Penobscot)
Senator Geoffrey Gratwick (D-Penobscot)

Other appointees:
Katie Fullam Harris-Opioid Treatment Facility
Dr. Steven Diaz- Augusta Administrator of Hospital
Gordon Smith-Association of Physicians
Sherriff Jeff Trafton-Law Enforcement

Senate President Thibodeau said, “I am pleased all of these individuals have made a commitment to help solve this epidemic, and I look forward to the results of their work.”



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