Sen. Amy Volk Supports Gorham Connector

Krysta West
Communications Director
Senate Republican Office
(207) 287-1505


DSC_0033 (2).JPG
AUGUSTA – On Thursday, March 23, Senator Amy Volk (R-Cumberland) testified in favor of LD 905, “An Act To Authorize the Construction of a Maine Turnpike Connector to Gorham,” as a co-sponsor, before the Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Transportation.

She said, “Daily traffic congestion and associated environmental threats to the villages of South Gorham, North Scarborough and nearby regions are significant and have been growing worse for a long time. Gorham is a lovely and friendly town with an amazing school district, a vibrant business community and a ton of heart.  In fact, it is currently the fastest growing municipality in Maine. In short, Gorham is a highly desirable place to live.

“However, anyone who lives in the area knows that choosing to live, work or even participate in activities in Gorham, especially during commute hours, frequently comes with a price: long periods of time caught bumper to bumper in traffic. It is the sort of traffic one expects to find in Boston or on the way out to the Cape in the summer, but not in Maine.  Failure to plan adequately around or for this congestion can cost one dearly as minutes tick by, making what is normally a 15 minute drive between Sam’s Club in Scarborough and downtown Gorham as long as 45 minutes.

This unusual issue has been the subject of exhaustive analysis by the Turnpike, Maine DOT and the impacted municipalities of Gorham, Westbrook, Scarborough and South Portland. Residents and businesses are begging for relief.”

A work session has not yet been scheduled for LD 905.


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