Reckless Homicide Bill Gains Initial Support in Senate

Krysta West
Communications Director
Senate Republican Office
(207) 287-1505


AUGUSTA – The Maine Senate today gave initial approval to a bill sponsored by Senator Scott Cyrway (R-Kennebec) that would increase the penalties for those who provide drugs to Mainers who die as a result of taking those substances.

If passed, LD 42, “An Act To Deter the Dealing of Dangerous Drugs,” also known as the “reckless homicide bill,” would enable prosecutors to charge drug dealers with Class A manslaughter if they traffic or furnish a drug that causes death when a person injects, inhales or ingests it.

Senator Cyrway spent his entire career in law enforcement, most of it as a deputy with the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Department. He is also a DARE officer and recently won a lifetime achievement award from that organization.

“Hopefully this will put drug dealers on notice,” Cyrway said. “If they are going to bring the poison that is killing our people to Maine, they are going to be held accountable for their actions.”

LD 42 will now advance to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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