Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee to Hear Ranked-Choice Voting Bills

Krysta West
Communications Director
Senate Republican Office
(207) 287-1505


AUGUSTA- Following the unanimous ruling by the Maine Supreme Court finding ranked-choice voting, passed on the ballot last November, to be unconstitutional, the Legislature’s Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs is slated to hold a public hearing on two ranked-choice voting bills this Friday, June 2 at 9:00 AM.

The first bill, LD 1624, seeks to amend the Constitution of Maine to bring this illegal law into compliance. The second bill, LD 1625, seeks to repeal the unconstitutional law. This bill, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason (R-Androscoggin), has broad bipartisan support with five Republican and five Democrat sponsors.

“As legislators, it is our job to draft laws that comply with our constitution; we don’t seek to amend our constitution to accommodate a new law,” said Sen. Mason. “Maine’s highest court has sent a clear message that the ranked-choice voting referendum passed last November is in direct violation of the Constitution of Maine. It’s now our job to fix this problem before serious legal issues arise.”

There will be a strict three minute time limit for those who wish to testify at this hearing. To submit testimony electronically, send it to


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