Whittemore, Volk Recognized for Championing Major Healthcare Reform

Krysta West
Communications Director
Senate Republican Office
(207) 287-1505


Whittemore, Volk AwardSen. Amy Volk, Sen. Rod Whittemore, Gwen Simons

FREEPORT – On Friday, February 2, Senator Rod Whittemore (R-Somerset) and Assistant Majority Leader Amy Volk (R-Cumberland) where honored with the Friends of Private Practice Award from NorthEast Private Practice Network at a ceremony in Freeport.

They received this recognition for their roles in sponsoring and/or supporting LD 445, “An Act To Encourage Maine Consumers To Comparison-shop for Certain Health Care Procedures and To Lower Health Care Costs.”

This new law, which passed last year and will take effect on January 1, 2019, is known as “Right-to-Shop.” It will add much needed transparency to Maine’s healthcare system while increasing access to affordable, high quality providers. It also incentivizes consumers to seek out the best prices for certain procedures that vary significantly in cost from facility to facility.

Senator Whittemore said, “I am absolutely honored to be recognized by NorthEast Private Practice Network for my work to get Right-to-Shop legislation over the finish line in Maine. With this new law, consumers will have more options when seeking quality healthcare and incentive programs will encourage consumers to consider cost when shopping for certain routine care and procedures. It’s a win-win premise that is sure to save money – for consumers and health plans alike.”

Senator Volk said, “Healthcare is the only major purchase that we make as Americans without first looking for the best deal, and that’s because our current system doesn’t incentivize shopping around for services. But often times, there can be a wide variation of cost for identical services between facilities, even within the same geographic areas. This results in higher costs to consumers and insurers, and in turn, higher premiums for healthcare plans. I was glad to lend my support to this common-sense legislation and am hopeful that it will improve medical services in Maine.”


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