Senator Saviello Presides over State of the National Guard

Krysta West
Communications Director
Senate Republican Office
(207) 287-1505

Saviello Presiding over Joint Session.jpg

AUGUSTA – Senate President Michael Thibodeau (R-Waldo) invited Senator Thomas Saviello (R-Franklin) to preside over the State of the National Guard in a Joint Session of the Legislature in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, February 20. Senator Saviello is a retired Captain with the United States Army.

“Senator Saviello has served his country in many different ways, both with the Legislature and the armed forces,” said Senate President Thibodeau. “In deciding who would be the best candidate to serve as Senate President Pro Tempore and introduce Major Gen. Douglas Farnham, it was clear he was the best choice. He did a terrific job today.”

“I have experienced a lot in my sixteen years of service in Augusta, but this was certainly a new one for me,” said Senator Saviello. “I would like to thank Mike for honoring me with the opportunity to chair this convention. It was truly a great experience to be able to thank our soldiers and veterans for their service.”


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