Assault by Dog Legislation Receives Unanimous Committee Support

Krysta West
Communications Director
Senate Republican Office
(207) 287-1505

AUGUSTA – The Legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee unanimously passed an amended version of Senator Matt Pouliot’s (R-Kennebec) bill, LD 485, “An Act Regarding the Owner or Keeper of a Dog That Assaults a Person and Causes an Injury That Requires Medical Attention.”

The bill “…requires the owner or keeper of a dog that assaults a person and causes an injury that requires medical attention to secure aid for the injured person, contain the dog, and provide the owner’s or keeper’s name, current address and contact information to the injured person.”

Leaving an injured person without taking appropriate measures would be classified as a Class D crime.

“I am glad that members of the Criminal Justice Committee saw the importance of this bill and supported its passage unanimously,” said Sen. Pouliot. “I submitted this bill on behalf of a concerned citizen who was mauled by two dogs in a parking lot last summer. Even though she suffered significant wounds, the owner of the dogs did not stay and help her, nor did he call help for her. Instead he loaded the dogs into a car and drove off.

“I don’t believe this level of negligence is acceptable or that the current recourse provided by state law is sufficient. I am hopeful that this commonsense proposal will continue to garner broad, bipartisan support as it is considered by the full Legislature.”


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