Senator Farrin Achieves “100 Percent” Voting Record in State Senate

For Immediate Release

The Office of the Secretary of the Maine State Senate has released its records for the first session of the 129th Maine Legislature and Sen. Brad Farrin (R-Norridgewock) has been recognized for having a voting record of 100%.

Senator Farrin is serving his first term in the State Senate.
He previously served two terms in the Maine House of Representatives.

The Second Regular Session will convene in January 2020.

Sen. Farrin: “It is an honor to serve the people of my district and being present every legislative day and voting is essential to that service.”

Senate District 3 includes Anson, Bingham, Canaan, Caratunk, Central Somerset Unorganized Territory, Cornville, Dennistown Plantation, Embden, Highland Plantation, Jackman, Madison, Mercer, Moose River, Moscow, New Portland, Norridgewock, Northeast Somerset County Unorganized Territories, Pittsfield, Pleasant Ridge Plantation, Rome, Seboomook Lake Unorganized Territory, Skowhegan, Smithfield, Solon, Starks, The Forks Plantation, and West Forks Plantation.

Contact: Tom Desjardin, Director of Communications, Maine Senate Republicans, 207-416-2230

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