Legislative Work is Keeping Senator Pouliot Busy This Fall

The State Legislature may be out of session at the moment; but like many of his colleagues, Senator Matt Pouliot (R-Kennebec) is busy with important work that will help guide the next legislative session that begins in January.

Senator Pouliot has been appointed to the Maine Children’s Cabinet and Early Childhood Advisory Council whose mission is “to develop, maintain and evaluate, under the direction of the cabinet, a plan for sustainable, social, and financial investment in the healthy development of the State’s young children and their families.”

In the past, while serving in the House of Representatives, Senator Pouliot was a member of the Education Committee and worked tirelessly over the years to improve outcomes for students in Maine schools.

In addition, Sen. Pouliot has been selected to serve on the Blue Ribbon Commission to Study and Recommend Funding Solutions for the State’s Transportation Systems. It has become a custom in Maine for state government to fund transportation projects by borrowing through bonds.

Senator Pouliot: “Borrowing money to perform the critical function of maintaining our roads and bridges raises the cost of every road project in Maine to pay the interest. Over the last four years, the state has ended each year with an average $137 million surplus. This is more than enough money to pay for this essential function each year without borrowing.”

This Blue Ribbon Commission will examine alternative ways to finance road maintenance and construction projects in Maine and suggest new ideas and changes to the legislature in time for their next session in January.

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