Maine Democrats Take a Sharp Partisan Turn

(Augusta, ME) – At a time when people are looking for their elected officials to work together, Democrats in Maine took a sharp partisan turn today, making it clear they have no intention of working with Republicans in the state legislature.

In today’s Legislative Council meeting to consider proposed bills for the next session Democrats, who hold a 6-4 voting majority, approved 125 of their own bills while approving just eight Republican proposals. For every Republican bill approved, Democrats approved 17 of their own.

This will result in a huge number of bills during the traditionally shorter Second Session. Prior to today, there were 485 bills on the docket for next year.

Adding the 135 new bills that Democrats allowed to go forward today brings the total that must be considered in the Second Session—so far—to 620 bills, with more proposals to consider in the weeks ahead.

Two years ago, that number was 453 and two years prior to that, it was 287.

Senate Republican Leader Dana Dow: “Today’s result is that people across Maine lost.”

Assistant Republican Leader Jeff Timberlake: “Today’s actions signified a whole new level of ruthless, one-party rule in Augusta. Democrats have thrown down the gauntlet and told the people across Maine that their opinions no longer matter.

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