Republican Legislators Renew Calls to Return to Augusta

AUGUSTA – Legislative Republicans in the Maine House and Senate gathered at the Statehouse today to renew calls for Governor Mills to include legislative leaders in her decision-making process.

Republicans were elected to represent more than a half million Mainers and individually offer vast experience in business and other important fields. Our constituents deserve to be heard and have their concerns included in the decisions of their state government.

Among the issues that need to be addressed are a change in law to require more collaboration, cooperation, and communication between the executive and legislative branches during periods of declared statewide emergency.

Republicans believe that the legislature must begin the process of streamlining government now, in anticipation of budget reductions that will certainly be required now that the state’s economy has been shut down for months.

At the same time, Maine has $1.2 billion in federal COVID-19 aid sitting in bank accounts rather than being used as intended to help Maine people. Legislative action would put this money to work for our state. Senate Republicans have called for the legislature to convene and take action on these important issues.

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