Radio Address, 11/6/2020

Sen. Scott Cyrway – Veterans’ Day 2020

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the armistice that brought an end to the fighting in the “War to End All Wars” finally took effect, but not soon enough to prevent the deaths of tens of millions of people, 550 of them Mainers.

Hello, I am Senator Scott Cyrway from State Senate District 16 and I serve on the Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs.

Ever since that day, now 102 years ago, we have called November 11th “Armistice Day,” and since 1954 we set it aside as the official holiday of “Veterans Day.”

Unfortunately for mankind, that war did not live up to its original billing—it did not “end all wars.” Not even close. In all, Maine has lost more than 3,000 of its own, killed in warfare since 1918.

Though Maine’s population may be small by comparison to other states, the commitment to our nation and the principles that it represents, freedom—honor—service—democracy, are large by any measure.

Teddy Roosevelt, a U.S. President, veteran, and a Medal of Honor recipient, credited his time as a teenager in Maine, spending winters around Mount Katahdin, for making him the hardy outdoorsman we remember him as today.

Speaking of his admiration for his fellow veterans, he once said that,

“A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards . . . I speak in reverence of our brave and selfless veterans.”

Roosevelt was right. We must honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and at the same time do the best we can for those veterans who live among us today, for without their willingness to defend our nation and our homeland, we would not enjoy the relative peace and prosperity which we often take for granted.

That’s why I encourage you to take a few minutes this Wednesday and participate in whatever tribute might be taking place in your city or town.

Among the newer programs is available through the University of New England.

In Honor of Veterans’ Day, the University’s Dental Hygiene Clinic in Portland will offer Veterans discounted teeth cleanings for $15, along with free dental exams, fluoride varnish and 50% off all other services up until December 4th, 2020. Twenty appointments are available on a first-call basis. Veterans must have a valid VA ID card, a Maine driver’s license or state ID with a military service designation or a DD-214.

To book your appointment, call the University of New England at 207-221-4900.

It is a great honor to speak with you today mindful that American service men and women overseas are at this moment fighting the longest war in our nation’s history. It is important that we take a moment out of our busy week to remember those who have served when our country called.

Again, I am Senator Scott Cyrway from State Senate District 16.

Have a safe and happy weekend, and if you have the opportunity, thank a veteran.

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