Senator Paul Davis Submits Bills for the New Legislature

(January 5, 2021) – The deadline for submitting new bills for the 130th State Legislature was December 18, 2020. Currently, only the titles of these bills are available. Below is a list of the bill titles submitted by Senator Paul Davis.

An Act To Provide Eligibility for Unemployment Compensation to Certain School Bus Drivers
An Act To Allow a Veteran Who Was a Member of the Military Reserves or Served in the National Guard To Qualify for the Veterans’ Property Tax Exemption
An Act To Require the Department of Transportation To Plow the Mount Katahdin Scenic Overlook during the Winter Months
An Act To Permit Legislators To Have Legislative Plates on Multiple Vehicles
An Act Regarding Telemarketing
An Act To Exempt from Sales Tax Ammunition Purchased Outside of Maine
An Act To Amend the Composition of the Piscataquis County Budget Committee
An Act To Increase the Area in Which a Farm Truck May Be Operated
An Act To Include as a Factor in Sentencing the Selection of a Victim Based on the Victim’s Employment as a Law Enforcement Officer
An Act To Allow Resident Hunters To Harvest 2 Bears per Bear Hunting Season
An Act To Exempt Military Veterans from Paying Excise Tax
An Act To Provide a Tax Credit to the Citizens of a Municipality That Has Wind Turbines
An Act To Repeal Maine’s Single-use Plastic Bag Law
An Act To Include Maine’s School Bus Drivers in Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance

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