Senator Stacey Guerin Submits Bills for the New Legislature

(January 5, 2021) – The deadline for submitting new bills for the 130th State Legislature was December 18, 2020. Currently, only the titles of these bills are available. Below is a list of the bill titles submitted by Senator Stacey Guerin.

An Act To Allow the Secretary of State to Refuse to Issue or Recall a Vanity Registration Plate with Obscene, Contemptuous, Profane or Prejudiced Language
An Act Concerning the Governor’s Emergency Powers
Joint Resolution Urging the President of the United States to Designate A State Funeral for the Last Living World War II Medal of Honor recipients
An Act Regarding Rural Water Districts
An Act To Provide a Tax Break for Businesses That Hire People with Disabilities
An Act To Remove the Plastic Bag Ban
An Act To Protect Vulnerable Persons in Maine
An Act To Help Maine’s Restaurants, Tasting Rooms, Bars and Hotels by Lowering the Cost of All Licensing Fees for the Year 2021 by 50 Percent
An Act Regarding the Tourism Marketing Promotion Fund

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