Senate and House Republican Leaders Speak Out

(January 6, 2021) – Like most Americans, we watched with disappointment at what unfolded in our nation’s Capitol buildings. Let us be clear – this is not who we are as Americans and it certainly is not who we are as Mainers. 

We support the rights of citizens to conduct peaceful protests, but condemn the destruction of property and violence in any form of protest.  All protests that lead to these types of results are completely unacceptable.

Two years of violence and destruction under the cover of peaceful protests have left our nation outraged by this type of behavior. Clearly we must commit ourselves to following the rule of law and peacefully respecting those who disagree with us. As elected officials, who have taken an oath to serve and protect the Maine constitution, we are committed to protecting our democracy.

As people who love this country, we believe in our government and believe in the U.S. Constitution. We firmly believe that violence is never the answer.

Our prayers are for the safety of the Capitol Police and all the women and men in and around the US Capitol and a swift resolution to this chaos.  

Jeffrey Timberlake  Senate Republican Leader  

Kathleen Dillingham
  House Republican Leader

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