Senator Farrin Reappointed to Maine’s Public Transit Advisory Council

(Augusta – 1/15/21) – Maine’s Transportation Commissioner Bruce Van Note has reappointed Senator Brad Farrin to serve two years on Maine’s Public Transit Advisory Council.

The work of this committee is especially critical as the state works through a budget ) shortfall in general and specifically a large funding problem for transportation. Senator Farrin has just been reappointed as the Republican Lead on the Legislature’s Transportation Committee where he has served since becoming a Senator and previously while a member of the House of Representatives.

Commissioner Van Note: “The PTAC has an important role in advising the State Legislature and MaineDOT on public transportation policies, visions, and investment priorities. Your expertise is critical to helping us evaluate transit needs and services and informing statewide strategic transit planning efforts, as well as serving as a bridge to the Legislature.”

Senator Farrin was recently reelected to his second term serving District 3 in the Maine State Senate.

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