Statement of Senate Republican Leader Jeff Timberlake on Face Coverings in the Statehouse

The issue of wearing protective face coverings in the Statehouse when in Legislative spaces has been in the news today and was a topic of discussion in the Legislative Personnel Committee’s COVID Policy Discussion that occurred yesterday.

At no time during this meeting did Senator Timberlake argue that the Legislature should not be compliant with CDC guidelines.

Sen. Timberlake: “Not only did I agree with Senate President Troy Jackson’s assertion that we require all Legislators to wear masks while in the Statehouse, I proposed that we strengthen that requirement by making all face coverings be compliant with Maine CDC recommendations.”

You can watch the Personnel Committee’s Discussion on the Legislature’s YouTube Channel by searching “Maine State Legislature” on YouTube, or clicking here. In that video, at approximately 71:00, Senator Timberlake offered an amendment to the policy that all face coverings have to be CDC compliant. Speaker Fectau immediately supported the amendment.

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