Republicans Hold Out and Deliver a $147 Million Tax Cut for Mainers

(Augusta, ME) – The Supplemental Budget that was enacted tonight provides immediate tax relief for employers who must begin filing their quarterly tax returns on March 15.

The budget agreement leaves intact $100 million in tax relief for PPP recipients while providing $47 million for unemployment recipients. In addition, the measure adds $8 million to the Budget Stabilization or “Rainy Day” fund.

In the end, this budget represents a major victory for Maine workers and their employers who have struggled greatly since the pandemic arrived in Maine last March.

Assistant Republican Leader Matt Pouliot: “Good things come to those who wait and tonight, those good things came in the form of tax relief for Maine workers.”

Sen. Paul Davis, Senate Republican Lead on the Appropriations Committee: “Many weeks of negotiations and some last-minute bargaining have resulted in an agreement that both parties can live with and that mean substantial tax relief for Mainers.”

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