Democrats Vote Unanimously Against Every Bill Limiting the Governor’s Emergency Powers

Despite an overwhelming outcry from the people of Maine who submitted nearly 400 pieces of written testimony with a ratio of 40:1 in favor, Democrats on the State and Local Government Committee today unanimously voted against all 14 bills that would have required a governor to collaborate with the Legislature before renewing emergency declarations.

Every Republican on the committee voted yes on bills submitted to require cooperation between the Legislative and Executive branches in times of great emergency.

Senate Republican Leader Jeff Timberlake: ”Not only have Democrats silenced the voices of the people of Maine through their elected representatives, they have also told those who testified in overwhelming numbers that their opinions simply do not matter. Though it seems impossible, this is yet another new low point in state government.”

Assistant Senate Republican Leader Matt Pouliot: “Despite the largest public outcry in recent memory, Democrats simply ignored the clear and passionate testimony of a huge number of their own citizens and rejected the notion that the Legislative branch is a co-equal partner in state government. This is truly a sad day in our state’s history.”

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