Budget Agreement Has Important Elements for Mainers


(AUGUSTA, ME)—Proving that diligent discussion and negotiation can produce positive results, members of the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee have reached unanimous agreement on a new, supplemental budget for state government.

Republicans have insisted that proposed tax relief extend to everyone who worked through the pandemic and not just those workers who received unemployment compensation in 2020. The budget agreement includes a one-time payment of up to $300 to more than 500,000 Maine workers.

Providing real, tangible property tax relief, the Homestead Exemption is now on a path to increase 3% each year until it reaches 100% of the allowable rate. At the same time, revenue sharing to cities and towns will rise to 5% while state aid to local schools will reach 55%. All of these should be reflected in lower property tax bills in the coming year.

After two years of fighting to see that funding for Maine’s seniors is increased, we are very glad to see agencies that provide care in nursing homes and direct care workers will receive millions in new funding. This will hopefully begin to alleviate the staffing shortage that has had a negative effect on the quality of care that seniors in Maine receive.

Senate Republican Leader Jeff Timberlake: “Three months ago, Legislative Republicans clearly laid out our priorities for the session and the budget. Since then we have remained committed to those priorities and this agreement reflects that commitment. Virtually all of these priorities have been addressed.”

Assistant Senate Republican Leader Matt Pouliot: “Expanding the Homestead Exemption to 100% of the allowable rate is a big step for real, guaranteed property tax relief. This is especially important for Maine seniors on limited incomes as property values rise.”

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