Senate Republicans Fund Five Bills As Session Ends

(Augusta, ME) 7/8/21 – At the end of the budget process every two years, Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate of the Legislature receive a small amount of money to fund bills that have been enacted, but were not funded in the budget. This year, each of the four caucuses received $2 million to spend on these bills. Below is a list of bill that were funded by the Senate Republicans. LD 595 includes an additional $400,000 from the House Republicans.

LD 127: Resolve, to Establish a Pilot Program to Provide Grants for Professional Development in Computer Science Instruction. Sponsored by Sen. Matt Pouliot. $50,000 each year.

LD 595: Resolve, to Ensure That Access to Oral and Facial Ambulatory Surgical Centers in Maine Remains Viable. Sponsored by Sen. Trey Stewart. Just under $150,000 each year.

LD 1033: Resolve, to Direct the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to Examine Sunday Hunting. Sponsored by Sen. Jeff Timberlake. $15,000 one-time.

LD 1469: Resolve, to Give Direct Service Providers Hazard Pay and to Pay Additional COVID-19 Pandemic Costs. Sponsored by Rep. Margaret Craven (D-Lewiston). $644,779 in year one and $866,870 in year two.

LD 1470: Resolve, Regarding Reimbursement for Providing Inpatient Care to Individuals with Acute Mental Health Care Needs. Sponsored by Rep. Michelle Meyer (D-Eliot). $69,000 one-time.

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