Senate Republican Response to New State Vaccine Mandate

(AUGUSTA, ME) – In a free nation in which people are guaranteed the right to make decisions for themselves, Governor Mills has announced that she is mandating that private citizens in private health care facilities across the state must become fully vaccinated.  

The Governor is now directing the health care decisions of Maine’s health care professionals, rather than allowing them to make their own medically-informed decisions.  

If the various members of Maine’s health care community believes that vaccinations are essential, they have every right to mandate them for their own employees without government becoming involved in the decisions of private organizations.


  1. Is it even legal for her to do this. I have already contacted the office saying I want to see the executive order. So far there is not one posted.
    I thought constitutionally that private places could mandate but government couldn’t. Especially were it’s not fully approved by the FDA as of yet. It is still experimental. Even the military is waiting for full approval ( at least so far)


  2. This makes little sense, since you can still get Covid and pass it on after vaccination. It’s protecting no one, but taking away our freedom of choice. It’s all emotion rather than logic and science. 12,000 people have died from the vaccine, and thousands injured


  3. No entity should have the right to mandate medical choices on others. Especially for something as corrupt as this whole pandemic! I am appalled by people like Janet Mills, lying Fauci and much of the media for making this appear worse and for inflicting fear into people and even going so far as to giving lazy people an excuse to get out of working and or school.


  4. Can I see Dr Mills medical license before she forces me to get treatment I choose not to get. Since there are thousands of deaths reported as well as serious side effects she must be held liable for any adverse effects as a result of practicing medicine if in fact she has no license.


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