Senate Republicans Submit Legislation to Reverse New State Vaccine Mandate

(AUGUSTA, ME) – Within hours of Governor Mills’ announcement that she would mandate that all employees of health care agencies in Maine submit to a vaccine against COVID-19 or have their employment terminated, Senate Republicans began drafting and submitting emergency legislation to reverse the Governor’s order.

Assistant Senate Republican Leader Matt Pouliot: “Once again, Governor Mills has taken unilateral action restricting the liberties of Maine citizens without so much as notifying the Legislature of her intent. The response and outrage that we are hearing from our constituents is clear and impassioned. We cannot sit idly by while state government again imposes its will on private citizens, businesses, and organizations.”

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  1. Thank you. I am a health care worker who will not be vaccinated. My freedom is more important to me than a job. Although I love my job I am trained in several other vocations. Mills will NOT force me to do something I do not is safe!


  2. I’m sure you’ve heard from many caregivers by now and I would like to add that after being in healthcare for 40 years, this is a first. The people who cared for those who where sick and dying of COVID are now being told to vax up or get fired. Is there any study on the number of healthcare workers who have died from COVID from caring for positive patients? Does the state of Maine need more people on welfare? Who’s going to care for the sick and dying in an already stressful environment where staffing is already an issue? Why is the governor demanding this when we are at such a high % of vaccination? Did she get word from our President that this was coming down nationwide with threats to facilities that they will lose Medicare reimbursement? We are on a slippery slope in our state and in our country. This needs to be overturned now.


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