Second Lobsterman Group Suing Biden Administration

Following the suit filed recently by the Maine Lobstermens Association, the Maine Lobstering Union has filed a lawsuit to stop the implementation of the new NOAA rules in the Gulf of Maine.

“On Monday, the Maine Lobstering Union announced it is filing a federal lawsuit to try to stop the impending closure of more than 950 square miles of fishing grounds off Maine to traditional lobstering.” To read more from, click here.

One comment

  1. It is sad that our own Maine Legislature is to weak to defend the people of Maine as we pay them to do just that. We need to replace the current system of governance because it is failing us in all aspects. If private companies must do the job of the legislature why must we continue to fund a useless entity that only looks out for it’s own entitlements only. This is not a party issue, it is a failed state and federal government gone rogue. What we are experiencing today is caused by government undermining the people with convoluted laws and schemes hidden within bills that circumvent the very constitution that is intended to protect we the people.

    The legislature of Maine has become a friend of China lead by the wretched Gov. Mills who is a traitor to the great people of Maine and this country. All of you were hired to protect the interest of it’s citizens but all you do is protect a political interest of foreign entities and your own egos with financial interest of self over the people. You are all boot lickers that deserve the gallows worthy of all traitors.

    Forgiveness will come to those that will turn of their wicked ways and turn back to defend the people and the laws of this land. We the people are asking you to do your job as it was originally intended and not as the foreign governments you are representing. Turn away now before it’s to late.


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