Senator Volk Participates in Maine Nursing Summit

Krysta West
Communications Director
Senate Republican Office
(207) 287-1505



AUGUSTA – On Tuesday, February 14 Senator Amy Volk (R-Cumberland) participated in the Maine Nursing Summit to raise awareness of the fact that Maine’s nursing profession has an aging workforce, with thirty percent of the state’s nurses age 55 and older.

At the event, put on by Maine’s Universities and the LePage Administration, Sen. Volk was recognized as a champion of the profession for her sponsorship of LR 1234, “An Act To Adopt the Interstate Nurse Licensure Compact.” This bill will address the nursing workforce challenge and support public health by updating the reciprocity agreement established in 2001 that allows Maine organizations to recruit nurses from other compact states to practice in Maine without requiring additional licensing.

“The 2016 Maine Nursing Forecaster projects that we will face a shortage of 3,200 registered nurses by 2025,” said Sen. Volk. “It is important that policymakers in Augusta understand this trend so we can draft responsible healthcare policies that adequately address our upcoming workforce challenges.

“Nurses are among our most trusted healthcare professionals. They care for Mainers in every community from birth to eldercare, and are essential to the health and wellness of our state.”


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