Senator Paul Davis Sponsors Bill to Protect Law Enforcement Officers

Krysta West
Communications Director
Senate Republican Office
(207) 287-1505


AUGUSTA – State Senator Paul Davis (R-Piscataquis) has introduced legislation to protect law enforcement officers in the line of duty with LD 990, “An Act To Protect Law Enforcement Officers by Creating the Crime of Aggravated Assault on an Officer.”

If enacted, LD 990 would create the crime of aggravated assault on an officer, modeled after the crime of aggravated assault, to include offensive physical contact while the officer is on duty.

“With so many officers being assaulted and murdered, it seems that we should try to inhibit some of that, because all lives matter,” said Sen. Davis, a retired Maine State Trooper. “Sometimes stiffer penalties and higher crimes work.”

Currently, assault on an officer is a Class C felony. LD 990 would upgrade the crime to aggravated assault, which would classify as a Class B felony, or a Class A felony if a firearm is present.

LD 990 has been referred to the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety for consideration.


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