Moody’s Diner Recognized Before Maine Senate

Rebecca Morris
Senate Republican Office
(207) 287-1505


Dow with Moody FamilyFront Row: Alvah Moody, Debbie Bellows and Nancy Genthner
Back Row: Georgetta Moody, Dan Beck, Harvey Moody, Jean Moody and Senator Dow

AUGUSTA – On Wednesday, Augusta 2, 2017, Senator Dana Dow (R- Lincoln) presented members of the Moody family of Waldoboro with a legislative sentiment before the Senate recognizing the 90th business anniversary of Moody’s Diner.

Moody’s Diner was established by Percy and Bertha Moody in 1927 as a tearoom and lunch cart serving hot dogs and ice cream to visitors along the coast in Route 1. Today, Moody’s is operated by Dan Beck, Percy and Bertha’s grandson, and he has maintained the friendly atmosphere of this iconic diner.

“I was pleased to have Dan Beck and other members of the Moody family join us for the day in the Senate to celebrate this occasion and thank the family for their commitment to the community,” said Sen. Dow.


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