COVID-19 Resources Available

Health Resources

Maine CDC


Guidance on Getting Tested While Uninsured

For more, dial 211

Other Support Resources

Vehicle Registrations

Small Business/Nonprofit Loans

Unemployment – UPDATED 3/20

Unemployment – UPDATED 3/24

FAME/SBA Loans & Loan Insurance

Loans for Homeowners and Renters

Cell Phones & Electricity

Day Care Legal Issues
Child and Family Services Behavioral Health and Alcoholics Anonymous

Internet Connections


 Resources for Municipalities

For Cities and Towns

Guidance on Town Meetings

Resources for Schools/Students

Guidance for Schools

School Budget Votes

Interactive Map of School Meal Programs Satewide

Executive Order on School Readiness

Free Online Learning

Suspending of Student Loan Interest & Payments

Guidance on Standardized Testing

White House Notice on Student Loans and Standardized Testing


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